My work station :)

"Unbroken Vectors, Sharp Lines, Accurate Geometry, Shining Colors, Sweet Textures and Good Mood with kinda weird stuff, all from the sunny lands of the mediterranean coast, just for you."

Hi! I'm Enisaurus

A full-time freelance Illustrator, currently working and living in Valencia, Spain.

I spend my life developing illustrations based on geometry to help clients around the world (companies, newspapers, magazines and advertising media), working on personal projects, reading, watching Netflix and HBO, climbing, meditating, cooking and traveling. Always looking to be a better person and better professional. Trying to be happy and make others happier with my work.

My illustrations are influenced by my love for great unconventional stories, but also for the most common things that make the life a more interesting and exciting place to enjoy.

You can contact me for commissions or just say hi, it would be a pleasure to help you.

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Selected Clients

BMW (Germany) · Cabify (Spain) · Movistar (Spain) · XQ Super School Board (USA) · Tiger Pan (China) · Seattle Met (USA) · Ass Savers (Sweden) · Yorokobu (Spain) · Atlanta Mag (USA) · TEDx (Spain) · Sysmex (Switzerland) · Henry Ford Museum (USA) · IE University (Spain) · Answers Magazine (USA) · Yudansha Fightwear (USA) · Nice Aprons (Australia) · Bespoke Post (USA)




2017 – 30×30 1987 · AMP · London, UK
2017 – 36 Days Of Type · Barcelona, Spain
2015 – Vans · London, UK
2015 – Dashape · Barcelona, Spain
2014 – Circuito de Ilustración · Valencia, Spain
2014 – MUVIM · Yo lo compro · Valencia, Spain
2013 – TEDx · Madrid, Spain

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