— Enisaurus is a Professional Illustrator with a love for powerful images and depth concepts.


My work station :)

"[…] It was refreshing seeing how can you add character and personality to illustration, not following trends and yet creating awesome artworks." .-Abduzeedo

Hi! I'm Enisaurus

A full-time freelance Illustrator, currently working and living in Valencia, Spain.

I spend my life developing illustrations based on geometry and strong concepts to help clients (like Pepsi, The Washington Post, BMW, Dropbox, Cabify or Movistar) to make their services and products stand out in an overloaded sea of visual information.

Using illustration will be a huge difference in terms of engaging with your audience, catching and retaining their interest in your goods and your business. What if reaching your company goals or kicking off a successful marketing campaign would be much easier?

I love to keep learning, working on personal projects, reading, climbing, meditating, cooking and traveling.

My illustrations are influenced by my passion for great unconventional stories, but also for the most common things that make the life a more interesting, exciting, and sometimes disturbing, place to enjoy.

You can contact me for commissions or just to say hi, it would be a pleasure to help you.

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Selected Clients

The Washington Post (USA) · Pepsi (USA) · Dropbox (USA) · BMW (Germany) · Cabify (Spain) · Movistar (Spain) · XQ Super School Board (USA) · Tiger Pan (China) · Seattle Met (USA) · Ass Savers (Sweden) · Henry Ford Museum (USA) · Atlanta Mag (USA) · TEDx (Spain) · Sysmex (Switzerland) · IE University (Spain) · Bespoke Post (USA)




30×30 1987 · AMP · London, UK
36 Days Of Type · Barcelona, Spain
Vans · London, UK
Dashape · Barcelona, Spain
TEDx · Madrid, Spain

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