A journal for sharing my experiences, challenges, thoughts and uncertainties about what it means to be a professional freelance illustrator, and hence making a living from it.

New Year, New Commitments


Hey there!

First off, thanks for being curious and spending your valued time by checking out my first article of my blog, which is one of many new important changes I'm adding to this exciting 2018.

As you have probably noticed, I made the decision to refurbish my website from the ground up. Among other reasons, I did this because I was tired of using WordPress and as I do not have any idea of how to design or code a website, I was not very happy about the details of the site after a few months of looking at it. After doing some research, I made the leap to Squarespace. I will give a more detailed explanation of my previous experiences using Wordpress as well as the pro's and con's of using Squarespace in a future post.

Don't forget to check out how the layout of the projects looks now, images bigger and bolder!

What else?

  • Blog

I'd want to be honest with you. This is the second time I tried to keep a journal of my experiences and lessons as Enisaurus. A year ago, I gave it a chance but I wasn't motivated enough, I had different priorities about my studio, just thinking about working and working (and procrastinating). Pretty soon my reserves of willpower about this matter were almost empty, so I quit.


What I've learnt about starting a blog is that you must have pretty clear goals and at least a general intention of what you are expecting of that experience. Asking yourself things like, Which will be your audience? What can they expect from you? And you from them? How can you contribute value? How often will you write and publish? etc… 

When you solve all these important questions before you start writing, you are doing it from a solid base. Therefore, this time I have a plan, and a good feeling about this, my optimistic charge is full and I also feel more confident with my English skills (which I keep training through Verbling with a teacher from California).

It's nice to have a personal place away from all the noise of social networks, a place to be safe, a place with your own rules. A place to express yourself in a more atemporal way. So, I hope this section becomes a place to share with you my experiences, news and thoughts. A place to talk with you about interesting things and that we can learn from each other step by step. You will find at the footer of the page the comments block, so if you like to tell me your opinion about the site or any other thought, or even just to say hi, I'm all ears!

  • Online store

Man, I'm so excited about this! Finally I've opened my new Online Shop with the first and exclusive signed and numbered print limited edition of one of my last works. Go check it out before they are sold out! >CLICK HERE< and get yours (Worldwide shipping).

I hope you like it!

  • Newsletter

The last thing I'd want to tell you today is the new easier way to be updated about everything related to my work and my professional and personal experiences. Now, you can join my private email list and get directly to your inbox all relevant information. For that, please, check the newsletter block below in the footer.



That's it for now. I hope to see you around here more often! If you would have any questions or just would like to say hi, don't hesitate to leave me your comments down here.

–Thanks for reading