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Instagram Stories


I’ve just updated my Instagram with a new post, should I share a Stories with the same illustration to get more attention? Or even better, playing the click bite game, adding a sticker hiding part of the work so maybe I generate interest to my audience to follow in? Well, are you sure that’s the right move?

In my opinion, using this resource maybe is not that bad time to time, but if you do this action with every update whatsoever… I think it’s not probably the best idea.

Have you realized that maybe you are getting used to your audience to predict those moves, and because that expectation, they start losing interest in seeing your Stories? They already know that you are just repeating your content over and over so you couldn’t blame them.

Maybe, one of the main reasons you do it is probably related with the hated and damaging Instagram algorithm, and you’re right, it sucks, thus you feel that you have to announce everywhere that your freshest work is online, because you don’t want anybody missing it. I mean, we have to face that the Instagram algorithm is going to be out there and they will keep changing it, you can’t do anything against that, so maybe, your best option is just keeping your account as much alive as you can, answering your follower comments always you’re able to and trying to use the Stories section as a smart complement of your profile, adding new value about your persona, your inspiration, your work and the stuff of your life that could also be connected in some way with your work.

In any case, take care of your followers and the way you treat them, they are not (obviously) just numbers and likes. Keep in mind that maintaining a healthy online networking is a really important matter these “socializing behind the screen” days.


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